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Date: Friday, April 04 @ 00:00:00 EDT
Topic: 3rd Party Applications For Skype

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Even if you currently don't have a Web Server or Hosting Service. It's easy to start doing so. For as little as $5 U.S. dollars a month. Using Hosting Services like as just one example DigitalOcean's Digital Cloud SSD ("Solid State Drive") VPS ("Virtual Private Servers") Hosting Services:

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Which I used specifically for the examples shown in my prior article here. As to not be subjected to any resource restrictions by a Shared Hosting Service. Which I used for my other prior examples shown here prior to the last examples show in my prior article here and also use normally as well. You can do this without any need use or register any Domain name. Also saving money.

Where you can configure your own flavor of Linux systems and options. To do things like this and also store other data from your IP Cameras. Like your own FTP interface without being subjected to any restrictions a Shared Hosting Service may have. Such as blocked ports, memory usage, process usage and other limits they may impose.

These are the Web Server resources being used with one copy of each example in the last article being run at the same time

Above Web Server was configured for these example with:

Ubuntu 12.04.3 x64 1GB Ram 30GB SSD Disk 2TB Transfer per Month Bandwidth Maximum

Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu)

PHP/5.3.10-1ubuntu3.9 with Suhosin-Patch

vsftp ("FTP")






swap file



The beauty about going this route, for IP Camera owners. Is that you can control every aspect of what software you use for your Web Server as well as stop/start the Web Server as needed to make changes. The IP Address is unique and can be used directly without any Domain name if needed. As the example here is doing.

The Web Server is your personal Web Server. Without being shared by others. So you have a clear view of the resource being used and also knowing that all those resources are your resources. So that you can do Web Server Tuning as well. It can also support as many Domains as you wish. In the event your currently have Web Sites and are under restrictions on a Shared Hosting Plan.

It's a great alternative method to store Snapshots and Videos for your IP Cameras, without the need to run your own system to do so 24/7/365. It also has built-in RAID ("Redundant Array of Independent Disks") so even a disk outage would not cause a loss of IP Camera files. After all the purpose of IP Cameras are security. So, having fault-tolerant disk storage is important. Even more so for multiple IP Cameras.

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I also wanted to set the stage for my next posts here. Which will be about providing secure real-time video from your IP Cameras and generating SMS messages, when your IP Cameras detect alarms or go offline or become unavailable.

While many IP Cameras have the ability to tell you when their ISP IP Address changes. None have the ability to tell you that they went offline and are not currently available.


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