Axis IP Camera Live Train Control Example
Date: Saturday, February 27 @ 23:00:00 EST
Topic: 3rd Party Applications For Skype

This Interface shown below. Can be used with any IP Camera/NVR/DVR/VMS that supports pulling snapshots using HTTP and/or HTTPS and is accessible from any Internet browser capable devices.

From Computers to Tablets and Phones to TV's. That are using any Operating System and Browsers. Without downloading/installing any Plug-Ins or Media Players and IP Camera image refresh bandwidth can be controlled as well. Which makes it great for web pages in websites as well as for personal use from any of your Internet browser capable devices.


Added live Axis IP Camera demos. Here's one that even allows you to start a train with all IP Camera controls:

Another without IP Camera controls but with digital zoom:

Another without any IP Camera controls and with a thermal image from the IP Camera above:

The Interface supports both HTTP and HTTPS and optionally prompting for access. Even if the IP Cameras does not support HTTPS. Unique User Id and Password that has nothing to do with the IP Cameras can also be used. The example below is using a self-signed certificate so you will see a warning. User: admin Password: admin

All Live IP Camera Examples can be found here:

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